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Childcare Fingerprinting Services

Protection is key when it comes to childcare. There is absolutely no doubt in everyone’s minds that children need to be safe and well cared for at all times. Childcare providers have some key responsibilities associated with protecting children and keeping them safe. All childcare providers are mandated by the state of Maryland to have all their employees — anyone coming into contact with children — to undergo a background check. As a result, we at FYI Fingerprints provide our live scan fingerprinting services to make the process a lot easier and seamless. There are specific guidelines that are required when it comes to childcare fingerprinting services.

Important Facts To Know About Childcare Fingerprinting Services

If you come into contact with children as a result of your employment, you will be required to have fingerprinting services done. On the day of your fingerprinting appointment — whether a livescan or a traditional ink card — you’ll want to bring your card (if necessary), completed application, appropriate identification as listed on your form and a proper method of payment based on the fee schedule (which can be found here).

Who Typically Gets A Childcare Background Check?

Typically, comprehensive background checks are conducted for the following individuals:

  • All adults are living in any kind of child care home (like a foster home).
  • All child care staff members, which includes (but is not limited to) directors, teachers, caregivers, bus drivers, janitors, kitchen staff, and administrative employees.
  • Every adult who is volunteering in any school programs.

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