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Fingerprint Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks are required in specific instances. From nurses (including CNA, LPN, and RN) to school employees (everyone working in a school setting), these individuals will be required to have a criminal background check includes fingerprinting services. Everyone that works in a school setting is required to undergo a background check — including the principal of a school. These people include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Coaches
  • Counselors
  • Janitors
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Teacher assistants
  • Volunteers

But criminal background checks are not just relegated to those who work in schools or are nurses. Transportation is a big industry where drivers typically have a criminal background check conducted. From school bus drivers and aides and armored truck drivers to CDL drivers and taxi drivers, a criminal background check is mandatory for most people working in the transportation sector.

What You Will Need

When you get a criminal background check, there are certain things you’ll need so you can be prepared. You will need a current ID, the registration form, and payment based on the fee schedule for the specific services you’ll need.

What A Criminal Background Check Is

Typically, a criminal background check will involve thorough research of public records out there on an individual. A typical background check is so in-depth that it can search for up to 10 years worth of history and public records available. For the most part, the type of information that is uncovered via a criminal background check includes motor vehicle accident reports, judgments you’ve had, and other criminal record information.

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