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Transportation Fingerprinting Services

From drivers to the transportation companies themselves, fingerprint background checks become a necessity. There is a wide array of drivers that will need to always have their fingerprint background check conducted.

Types Of Drivers That Require A Fingerprint Background Check

These are just a few of the key drivers that will be required to undergo a fingerprint background check before employment:

  • School bus drivers
  • Shuttle bus drivers
  • Taxi drivers
  • Limo drivers
  • Commercial bus drivers

Types Of Services

For those on the go, like drivers for hire, FYI Fingerprints offer not just walk-in services but also mobile fingerprinting services. If you are interested in procuring a fingerprint background check for your employment, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

To Be Proactive Is To Be Protected

Within the transportation industry, protection and safety are key priorities. Background screenings are designed to protect and safeguard the security of those who use transportation for hire services. In the CDL industry, some rules and regulations outline the mandates surrounding fingerprint background checks. But, for drivers and transportation for hire, things can be a little less concrete. That being said, ensuring the safety and licensing of transportation for hire individuals can be accomplished by requiring all employees to go through a fingerprint background check. Compliance with specific Department of Transportation requirements will serve as the proper protocols for handling employees when it comes to fingerprint background checks. As a result, our experienced technicians are trained properly and rigorously to ensure that all the fingerprint background checks we do at FYI Fingerprints are all safe, secure, and confidential.

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