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Ink Fingerprinting Services

$20.00 Minimum (up to two cards, $10 per each additional card)

Providing mobile and in-office services, FYI Fingerprints makes it easier than ever to secure ink fingerprinting services for all your needs. We take pride in our professional and secure methods of ink fingerprinting services whereby no information is being transmitted. It is completely secure and abides by all HIPAA standards.

What Exactly Is Ink Fingerprinting?

While new, digital fingerprinting services are available, ink fingerprinting is the traditional method that is sometimes preferred. Since it is the tried and true way that people and employers can collect fingerprints, it is still frequently used today for a variety of reasons.

When conducting an ink fingerprint, our professional technicians will always use a rolled impression procedure. It’s this method that allows us to effectively and efficiently take someone’s fingerprint. It is during this typical process that a person’s fingers are rolled in ink and then subsequently rolled onto prepared cards. This will happen by individually taking one finger at a time and imprinting it onto the card. The rolling will happen from one side of a fingernail to the other — as is the standard procedure. Once each finger is rolled, all of the fingers are then placed down on the bottom of the card which creates a 45-degree impression — which is the last step that comes with ink fingerprinting services. Our ink fingerprinting services make the entire process easy, efficient, and convenient.

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At FYI Fingerprints, we guarantee you’ll get the highest quality ink printing services. Our entire staff of technicians has the proper training that allows them to conduct ink fingerprinting services effectively and efficiently.

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