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Digital/Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

CJIS Approved Private Provider
$20.00 Fingerprinting fee plus State Licensing fee

Our fees are the same as CJIS @ Reisterstown Plaza

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We at FYI Fingerprints offer top-notch fingerprinting services. We always put the needs of our clients first, which is one of the reasons we believe our business is so successful. It’s our services — like our livescan fingerprinting — that can provide customers with incredible convenience. With livescan fingerprinting, mobile options are also available.

What Is Livescan Fingerprinting?

Live scan fingerprinting is the process has streamlined the capturing of the fingerprint image digitally to transmit electronically. In fact, with live scan fingerprinting, there is absolutely no ink and no card needed. All we do is “roll” your finger across a glass plate that scans your fingerprint.

Perks Of Livescan Fingerprinting

There are several benefits associated with live scan fingerprinting services. With livescan fingerprinting, the information is always protected by HIPAA and is always transmitted on a dedicated and secured line that is provided by the state of Maryland. Our digital scanners are all up-to-date and we use the most current technology available for live-scan services.

Privacy Protection

We always take the proper steps and necessary measures to ensure that all our customers’ information is secured and protected. We abide by all the requirements identified in a HIPAA disclosure agreement. As a result, all of our customers’ information is protected. It is never shared, sold, or stored at FYI Fingerprints

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