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Mobile Fingerprinting Services

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Both digital and ink fingerprinting services are available via our mobile fingerprinting services option. Our mobile fingerprinting services allow you the convenience to get your fingerprinting needs done easily and reliably. We are one of the very few fingerprinting companies to offer this unique mobile option for people. We will travel to where you are for maximum convenience. Our mobile fingerprinting services are offered by appointment — so give us a call to schedule a convenient group mobile fingerprinting service.

Benefits Of Mobile Fingerprinting

You may be wondering why mobile fingerprinting is such a great option. There are significant perks associated with mobile fingerprinting.

  • We come to you: Mobile fingerprinting services allow you to stay where you are and our professional technicians will come to you to get your fingerprinting done.
  • Collect the data at one time: With mobile fingerprinting, you get to avoid any potential chaos that comes with walking into a facility to get your fingerprinting accomplished. Fingerprints can often require a significant wait time if made without an appointment. As a result, our unique mobile fingerprinting services give you the luxury of not needing to wait.
  • It can be more efficient for large groups: If you are a company looking to tackle a bunch of employees’ fingerprints at one time, mobile fingerprinting can be an efficient way to do so.
  • Convenience for businesses: Similarly, mobile fingerprinting services provide companies the intangible convenience of having their employees stay on-site while getting their fingerprint requirement out of the way as well as transmitting their fingerprint information quickly.

Preparing For Mobile Fingerprints

If you are a business planning on getting your employees to get their fingerprints done via mobile fingerprinting services, you must ensure there is a private area available as we must keep everything private based on HIPAA standards and requirements. We maintain extra security measures on the day of mobile fingerprinting to make sure no private information ever becomes open to the public.

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