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Live Scan Information

Did you know that there is a part of the population that have fingerprints which are quite difficult to capture? Having difficult-to-capture fingerprints can provide challenges when attempting an ink fingerprint. This can be a side effect of age, exposure in specific types of work like construction, or as a direct result from prolonged exposure to several chemicals. However, our state-of-the-art technology and equipment, along with our highly-trained staff, can easily maximize the quality of a fingerprint image. The images obtained by our live scan technology significantly reduce the likelihood of any potentially illegible fingerprints and thereby reduce the entire fingerprinting processing time. Subsequently, the final report is provided to your employer or the third-party that needs the information.

What Does A Live Scan Reveal?

A live scan will reveal all your criminal history. Live scan fingerprinting can even include your federal record. Typically, the summary of your criminal history record will include various things like arrests, charges, dispositions, convictions, dismissals, diversions, and others.

Difference Between Live Scan And A Name-Based Background Check

Finger-based background checks are so popular because they tend to be significantly more accurate than a name-based background check. Fingerprints are based on fingerprint imaging data — tends to be a lot more reliable than a simple name check. These are unique to each individual whereas names can be all too common. As a result, fingerprints are a great way to generate the most accurate background check on an individual.

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