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Fingerprinting Services for State Police

Understandably, Maryland State Police need to have trustworthy information when it comes to doing a criminal background check. We at FYI Fingerprints work with our State Police to help them with their background checks and other services that may be necessary. In Maryland, professional background checks are required in a variety of industries — from teachers and medical professionals to paw brokers and truck drivers.

What You Need To Know

The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services provides a comprehensive list of authorized fingerprint service providers located throughout the state — including FYI Fingerprints. To obtain your set of fingerprints, you’ll need to properly submit a completed Livescan Pre-registration Application (which you can find on our website (include link here)). In addition to the application form, you will need a valid form of government picture identification like a driver’s license, passport or Military ID. Subsequently, fingerprints can either be taken via livescan (most common) or traditionally on fingerprint cards. We at FYI Fingerprints ensure that all our data is secured and follow all privacy protocols and procedures to keep everyone’s private information safe and secure.

FYI Fingerprints Is Always Here For You

CJIS provides an authentication and verification service to ensure that a person’s criminal record is accurate. They work with FYI Fingerprints when necessary or requested to procure adequate information regarding an individual’s criminal record and background check. Any documents that are obtained from your local police office will typically require additional authentication after you’ve obtained the local police seal. You may want to contact your Secretary of State’s office to authenticate any state-issued documents as well.

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