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Notary and Passport Photo Services

As a certified notary public, FYI Fingerprints can help with your passport and notary needs — beyond just fingerprinting background checks. We provide services for power of attorney, notarizing a sworn statement and providing certified copy — among other notary services.

Notary Service Overview

Notaries and those certified as notary agents can manage and also witness signatures on a variety of official documents. These duties include handling affidavits, contracts, loan documents, marriage certificates, and many other legal documents. As a result, FYI Fingerprints offers a one-stop shop for those who need more than just a criminal fingerprint background check.

Why Are Documents Notarized?

Typically, documents need to be notarized to deter any fraud and also ensure proper execution of said documents. It is usually the responsibility of the notary public to make sure that those who are signing the document have appeared before them and produced proper identification. As a result, FYI Fingerprints has notary services available if you need any documents notarized.

U.S. Passport Overview

There are specific requirements that need to be met to obtain an authorized and valid U.S. Passport. Whether you are planning to travel abroad or simply need to renew your passport, FYI Fingerprints can help ensure your passport photo meets the requirements necessary to do so. We make it super easy and convenient for you to get a valid passport photo completed at our offices.

Do You Have A Picture Perfect Passport?

When passport photos don’t meet the requirements delegated by the government, it can hinder any plans you may have about traveling abroad. Passport photos that don’t meet the specific requirements are usually the biggest reason the application process of renewing or obtaining a passport gets held up. Save yourself the delays and anxiety by ensuring you get a passport photo that meets the proper governmental requirements at a place you can trust like FYI Fingerprints.

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