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Can anyone get a Livescan done?

Livescan can only be utilized for designated State of Maryland / FBI background checks. Livescan can’t be used for out of state background checks. The livescan system cannot be used for FBI background checks by themselves and must be used in conjunction with a State of Maryland background check. The applicant is responsible for providing the appropriate Agency Authorization Number (usually 10 digits, and supplied by the agency and/or company requesting the check), and the corresponding ORI number (number designating what type of check is being performed, usually 7 digits with MD at the front). If the applicant fails to provide this information it is at the fingerprint technicians discretion whether they will fingerprint the applicant using livescan, or not. FYI does not assume any responsibility for the failure of the background results getting to the appropriate requesting agency if the applicant does not supply the information or supplies the incorrect information.



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